The Service Revolution

Delight your guests with efficient service without interruptions.
Touch for service!

Touch for Service

Everything Easy

Experience relaxed service in your restaurant with the certainty of meeting all your guests' needs.
With its unique function as an advertising medium, the SERVICETUBE® not only fulfills wishes but also creates space for additional enjoyment.
You will feel the difference in ratings and turnover!

Service can be so easy!

How it works


The SERVICETUBE® turns red when touched and notifies service staff in real time via app or smartwatch thanks to the latest wireless technology, even in large-scale restaurants.


At Ledovation, we know that personal contact with guests makes all the difference. The ordering process therefore follows the principle that has proven itself in your restaurant. Stay personal, become efficient.


Enjoyment comes first when you visit your restaurant. No matter whether a little more salt is desired or another drink, you get it with you.

Your secret recipe

Use Cases

The Ledovation waiter call system is flexible and can be used in many areas. It is not only suitable for restaurants, but also for cafés, bars, hotels and other establishments that rely on efficient service.

  • Restaurant

  • Outdoor

  • Pool

  • Hotel-Lobby

For fast service in the restaurant

In the restaurant, the Ledovation SERVICETUBE® effectively supports you in fulfilling your guests' wishes: with a simple touch, the SERVICETUBE® turns red and the service staff are alerted to the table via app, smartwatch or service indicator.


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The heart of your service

Service Tube

Each table is equipped with a SERVICETUBE® and labelled with the table number on the underside - finished!

In addition to the service function, the SERVICETUBE® is a soft light source that can be designed in the individual corporate design.

More about the Service Tube
Inbox user interface

All wishes in view

Service Indicator

At the touch of a button, any SERVICETUBE® can be configured as a receiver. When a service request is made, the Service Indicator lights up red and the service staff know that a guest has a request.

Simply place it behind the counter, in the kitchen or other easily visible places in your restaurant and keep an overview.

More about the Service Indicator
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Free app


The Ledovation app is available for free download for Android tablets and smartphones.

In the app, all service requests are clearly displayed and you receive a precise indication of which table needs your service.

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May it be a little more?

Custom Branding

As an alternative to your own logo, we recommend using the SERVICETUBE® as an innovative advertising medium.

Awaken your guests' desire for a delicious dessert, a fresh cocktail or an invigorating espresso. The design is interchangeable with just a flick of the wrist.

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Smartwatch informs waiters in real time


Our smart watch app is the perfect complement to our waiter call system. With just a glance at their smartwatch, waiters can now immediately see which tables guests want to be served.

As soon as a guest touches the service tube and it lights up red, they receive a notification on their smartwatch.

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