Plug, Play and Profit: SERVICETUBE® takes your restaurant to the next level!

Discover the simplicity of SERVICETUBE®! Our waiter call system revolutionises your restaurant experience with a simple 'plug and play' principle. Learn how SERVICETUBE® can make your restaurant more efficient and stress-free.

Plug, Play and Profit: SERVICETUBE® takes your restaurant to the next level!

Our aim throughout the development of the Ledovation waiter call system was to create a "plug and play" product. It is important to us that you do not have to spend a long time dealing with configuration options, special cases, etc., but can unpack the SERVICETUBE®s and get started.

Our team takes care of the entire configuration, so you only have to worry about a few details:

  • Number of tables
  • Optional: individual numbering of the tables
  • Number of desired receivers (SERVICEINDICATORS)
  • Optional: division into sections
  • Number of smartwatches required
  • Optional: special requests


We are even happy to support our customers with our know-how when it comes to printing on the backlight foils. Whether the company logo or advertising for a specific product - we develop the perfect design for your business based on your requirements.

The entire configuration, including table numbers, sections, colours and which devices should be ready to receive, can later be easily changed by you via our Ledovation app.

Once the package has arrived, it can then be unpacked directly. A short charging with the supplied charging accessories may be required. Otherwise, no further set-up is necessary. The smartwatch also automatically starts the app at the touch of a button. Simply set it up and be amazed by the impressive performance of our SERVICETUBE®s.


Of course, this simplicity also extends to using the product from the guest's point of view:
With just one tap on the SERVICETUBE®, a guest can easily communicate their service request. The waiter in charge is notified in real time and can react quickly and efficiently.